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inetd.xyz is a Linux system run by a private individual. It mostly runs services for private use, but inetd.xyz also hosts a Matrix server, as explained below. Registration is currently open.

Contacts into adm@inetd.xyz by email or @adm:inetd.xyz via Matrix. I check these regularly.

Matrix server

For the time being, the only public service hosted by inetd.xyz is a Matrix server. Matrix is an open and federated instant messaging protocol. You can read more about it here or here. The server is running the Synapse software and you can register an account using the Element web client at https://element.inetd.xyz, or any other client that supports registration by pointing it to https://inetd.xyz. I recommend you to provide an email address for password resets. Registration is currently open.


In simple terms: Matrix servers store messages and some metadata. This is due to the nature of how it works. Messages sent using end-to-end encryption are stored in an encrypted format that cannot be accessed by anyone else but the person who sent it and those who received it. If you want to learn more details about privacy when using Matrix, you should read more about it. If you are worried about your privacy, you should use end-to-end encryption always when it is possible.

A more detailed privacy notice is available at https://inetd.xyz/privacy

Acceptable use

Using the inetd.xyz Matrix server for illegal activities or other malicious purposes such as spam is not allowed. Using the service is a privilege and not a right.


The service is provided as is, with no guarantee about uptime, reliability, performance, continued operation or fitness for any purpose. The server is run by a private individual as a hobby. The server is hosted at a professional data center on real server hardware, and the admin will do his best to keep it running smoothly.

Also note that because the server is open for anyone, the opinions and viewpoints of its users do not represent those of its administrator.

Last updated on 11th September 2021
inetd.xyz admin - adm@inetd.xyz - @adm:inetd.xyz